The Factory of Ideas (2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000028576) aims to promote social innovation among youth and to provide tools, knowledge and skills necessary to act as leaders of social change thanks to the methodology of gamification. Combining theory with practice, the project has marked an important step in spreading gamification as a valid educational methodology. 

On July the 4th, the partners held the project’s final meeting in Salamanca, Spain, hosted by the organization BB&R with the participation of ASPAYM, CEIPES, Rosto and Gamma Institute.  

In the final session, the partners examined the whole set of results delivered throughout the project and discussed achievements as well as future improvements on theoretical aspects to be included in educational activities. It was also a fruitful moment to strengthen cooperation and lay the ground for potential projects alike.  

In addition, the feedback from the pilots of the games was shared and it included a set of evaluation parameters, useful to give the IT departments points of reflection and enhance the entertainment of those involved.  

The consortium will now organise a series of multiplier events aimed at making the results available as Open Educational Resources (OeR), and topics of social entrepreneurship, gamification and sustainability will be discussed. 

The project will end officially in August and it included a one year and rich with the study of interesting and contemporary topics, particularly useful in light of the Covid 19 post pandemic period. The consortium looks forward to joining forces again and embark in such promising initiatives again! Meanwhile don’t forget to follow our Instagram and Facebook!