The Factory of Ideas has been conceived to foster new entrepreneurial methods for young people, especially in light of the social needs emerged after the Covid-19 pandemic and the new digital skills required to those willing to bring new ideas to life. 

After a long yet fruitful period of research on the best practices applicable to social entrepreneurship, the project’s consortium has gamified the theory into really entertaining ludic experiences tailored on the needs of youth. And eventually they have been tested on students aiming to learn more on the topic through a participatory and curious approach.  
The pilots have been held both in CEIPES’ and the High School Ninni Cassarà during a period of four days, and included the testing of the following chapters: 

  1. The gamification Escape Room developed to teach how games can be useful in taking new ideas to life while having a fun experience; 
  2. The quiz on Social Entrepreneurship, posing interesting entrepreneurial points of reflections as well as scouting what is the current level of targets’ knowledge on the topic; 
  3. A fundraising Gymkhana disclosing how can theoretical ideas become concrete projects. In this case, particular attention was put on crowdfunding techniques and on the benefits of making a social project real starting from scratch; 
  4. A laboratory of creativity where ideas could be put into practice simply through the power of imagination; 
  5. A Dissemination Escape Room aiming to uncover the best communication tools to reach the wider public, as well as the concept of sustainability applied to social initiatives. 

Moved by a growing curiosity on social entrepreneurship methods and tools, the pilot sessions eventually led to a moment of debate involving all the beneficiaries and the CEIPES’ staff involved, delivering precious insights on what is yet to be accomplished in the youth’s entrepreneurial mindset.

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