The Factory of Ideas (2021-1-ES02-KA220-YOU-000028576) project aims to promote social innovation among youth and to provide tools, knowledge and skills necessary to promote the potential of the target groups (educators, youth workers, counsellors and youth leaders who act as active agents of social transformation) in the addressed fields.  

Specifically, its objectives are: 

  • Promoting social innovation and social entrepreneurship as key instruments to address the challenges emerged from covid-19 pandemic 
  • Improving the competencies of youth by promoting their skills and values 
  • Fostering youth to adopt creative thinking 
  • Supporting youth workers transferring innovative methodologies in non-formal education 

The partnership has achieved the first and very important result of the project, which is the development of the five theoretical contents that will form the basis to produce a unique gamified experience on social entrepreneurship for young people. 

The five modules developed are: 

  1. Social entrepreneurship and digital social innovation 
  2. Creative ideas laboratory 
  3. Fundraising and fundraising for the development of social entrepreneurship 
  4. Gamification as an educational tool 
  5. Dissemination, impact and sustainability of social entrepreneurship projects. 

The chapters will allow the development of a well-rounded methodological guide serving as  an adapted manual for educators, youth workers, youth leaders and counsellors in the field of youth, but will also pave the way to the core project’s activity: the realization of five interactive games based on the previous theoretical framework developed by the partners. 

While we harmonizes the manual and finish to design the games… keep following the project on Facebook and Instagram!